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Trust BTC to give your Home’s exterior a classy look with
their Expert Siding services.

BTC's Siding Services

With the help of our superior siding contractors, revitalise the exterior of your property. We are dependable experts and the go-to supplier of siding services. Discover why homeowners pick BTC when they need siding for their houses by exploring our services and siding options.

Siding is strong, affordable, simple to maintain, and available in any colour or texture you can think of.

Every siding installation project we work on is finished to the highest standards and on schedule. 

We put a lot of effort into giving your house a lovely, enduring appearance

Siding Repair after Hail and storm

Siding services, including siding repair and replacement, is the expertise of the professionals at Building Trades Construction. We have offered hail damage siding repair services for more than 20 years, bringing our approach to quality workmanship to the people we live and work around. As a local roofing contractor, you get fast and accurate services when you call us in for a siding job. 

Why Choose BTC for Siding Installation?

There are various possibilities, from the products on the market to the professionals one may hire to install them in their homes. 

Fortunately, BTC provides clients high-quality services using the best supplies and a skilled group of siding contractors.

Siding installation requires expertise, precision, attention to detail, and effective client interaction. 

At BTC, we greatly enjoy fulfilling all of these requirements and more. 

When Building Trades Construction sends a crew to place siding on your home, we make sure they have the necessary tools, are trained in the most recent safety procedures, and provide the high-quality siding installation services that our clients have come to expect from us.

Vinyl Siding
Natural Wood Siding
Hardie Board Siding
Everlast Composite Siding

People are more interested in siding due to its various benefits

It’s time to switch things up with a modern exterior if you’re sick of painting your home every few years. Siding is very beneficial design-wise and durability-wise.

Installation is easier

When you decide to install siding on your home, you won't have to deal with a protracted installation process. You have an additional chance to save money by cutting the length of the installation process. Installers have an easier time because most siding has an interlocking design.

More style options

Siding for exteriors now has many more design alternatives. There's no need to let the "siding" look prevent you from selecting siding for your home anymore. We can provide a range of styles and colours to give your home a perfect look.

More affordable

Siding installation and replacement costs are frequently lower than other popular exterior building materials, including brick or wood. Throughout the full lifespan of the siding on your home, you'll save money thanks to the additional cost reduction from less routine maintenance.

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