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Multifamily Roofing

Install Classy and durable roofing for your estates.

Let us help you handle your insurance claim

Our team of experts are ready to answer any questions you may have about the insurance process and work directly with your insurance provider to ensure you’re getting the fairest deal with as little issue as possible.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, a condominium, or an HOA, we’ve done them all and are ready to bring our ever-growing knowledge of all things roofing to your project. We’ll be there from the inspection to the final review and everywhere in between to make sure that you and your neighbors are ready for anything that can be thrown at your roof.

Full Roof Replacement

Building Trades Construction is your multifamily roofing replacement expert. We have specialized management systems, experienced manpower and big buying power to design and install your community’s new roofs and offer solid value. Count on BTC for a safe, low-stress roofing experience. We’ve got you covered!

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Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is your residential community’s best insurance against roof leaks that can cause costly wood rot, dangerous mold and water damage to interior surfaces. Professional maintenance also will extend the life of your roofs by fixing small defects before they lead to big problems. BTC can fix flashing, patch holes and secure loose shingles.

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Roof Inspections

How old is your roof? When was the last time it had a close-up inspection? How did it fare in the last hailstorm or high wind event? BTC will perform a professional inspection and document deterioration, defects or storm damage so you can file an insurance claim or schedule your own replacement or repairs.

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Emergency Repairs

Emergencies happen, and that is why it is important for your multi-family roofing company to be able to handle every type of potential issue for various roofs. Also, the level of emergencies varies from standard roofs to multi-family jobs. What may seem like a small leak, could be an issue for several families in the unit. Having a roofer that knows how to determine an emergency is important.

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