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Exterior Paint and Wood Rot

BTC’s Exterior Painting & Rotten wood repair services


A Stylish and durable exterior is one of the most important things for your home or place of business. 

With time any paint or wooden sliding gets out of shape and needs a touch. If that’s the case with your estate’s exterior, you should call BTC to get quality work. Our staff, consisting of seasoned experts, produces the best results possible, ensuring that you end up with a finished product you can be proud of and that others will envy.

We will provide you with the best suggestions and solutions that will benefit your estate’s health and look. Trust BTC in giving your home a brand new look.

Here's what makes our services different from other contractors

  • All of our wood repair work, such as bespoke fabrication required in historic homes, windows that need rebuilding, siding restoration, and rotten trim, are handled by our prep crew, which consists of professional carpenters on staff.
  • Before the painting crew arrives, your home will have all wood repairs finished, all surfaces cleaned, and all surfaces prepared.
  • Thanks to the prep team’s work, your siding and trim will be in good condition to handle any paintwork.
  • There is a brief downtime between workers, generally a couple of days, allowing you to check the prep work and ensure that your home is adequately prepared before beginning any outside painting.

Here are the harmful effect of not taking care of rotten wood

Respiratory Concerns:

High humidity in the air and the development of potentially dangerous fungi like black mold. 

Mold can grow quickly in these moist conditions, creating airborne spores that, when breathed in, can cause coughing, sneezing, lung inflammation, and other breathing problems.

Irritation and Rashes:

Mold can cause various health problems like skin rashes, eye irritation, headaches, and weariness if it is the cause of your wood rot. 

Once more, these problems are not directly caused by the rotting wood.

Gaps, cracks and open spaces

Wood rot can expose the interior of your home or building to outside elements, including insects, mice and other pests, bacteria, and more.

Structural weakness:

Structural deterioration is the most significant safety issue brought on by rotting wood.

Fungal Mould

Services offered by BTC

Our broad range of skills enables us to respond rapidly to any demands that may arise throughout our collaboration. We can guarantee complete professional advice based on your specific home.

Small Exterior Painting Projects

We offer assistance for all sizes and scopes of exterior painting needs. Whether you need a professional painter to repaint the side of your house or paint a new building or shed, we can do it all.

Large-Scale Exterior Painting Projects

Our customers report that stress is quickly eliminated when we start a long-scale project because of our outstanding reviews, driven team, and dedication to customer service.

Wood Rot Repair

Our team is qualified to handle wood rot repair, a frequent exterior project. From historical to contemporary homes, wood rot is a common problem that can quickly degrade the appearance and feel of your home's exterior.

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